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FAQs – TTS Laser Engraver

 Usually there are two situations:

  • After the data cable is connected, if the computer fails to recognize the serial port of the engraving machine, it means that the CH340 driver file has not been installed;
  • Install the CH340 driver file, if the string still cannot be displayed, try to replace the USB data cable or the computer interface;

Use manual or computer control to move the Y-axis separately, and observe whether the movement is stuck; check whether the motor rotation is stuck; whether the motor cable is tightly inserted; try to replace the engraving software;

Check all belts and adjust tension;

Whether the transmission parts are stuck or loose, adjust the eccentric nut around the transmission position;

The screws that fix the laser components are locked tightly, otherwise it will cause shaking.

Check whether it is connected to the machine;

Check if there is an error code on the console after connecting to the software, if so, you need to re-flash the firmware;

 Try disconnecting and reconnecting;

 Check whether the TF card is inserted into the machine;

 Check whether the file naming is complicated or too long;